Titantex is a service company of the T&M Holding S.p.A.
Group that provides services, assistance and support to subsidiaries or sister companies operating in numerous countries around the world.

Our history

With expertise and passion, our mission is to ensure our group sister companies can count on the best professional assistance to support their entrepreneurial goals and the specific interests of each of them. We provide this service in compliance with local legislation and fully expressing the entrepreneurial values of our mother group.

1985: Titantex begins operational activities on 18 March 1985, dealing with the distribution of knitwear collections first, and “total look” collections later.

1990s: during the 1990s, Titantex starts to provide certain corporate services to companies operating in the textiles-clothing sector, assisting its clients and often suggesting innovations, operating at the forefront for entering new markets and managing critical issues in these areas.

1998: Titantex transfers its offices from Strada Cà Valentino (Rovereta) to Strada Campo del Fiume (Faetano), and in the 2010s it adopts its current operational structure as a service company working for the international corporate group it is part of.

Today: our objective is to improve the efficacy and efficiency of the services we’ve been entrusted with providing, aiming to ensure our sister companies can count on prompt and dedicated professional support to achieve their specific corporate goals.

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Operating almost exclusively on an international level, Titantex is an active and dynamic company always looking to the future.
It offers its employees the opportunity to be part of many challenging projects and to grow both personally and professionally.


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Our services

Thanks to its experience operating in more than 20 countries Titantex boasts a comprehensive network of collaborations and consultants, meaning its employees and collaborators can successfully assist businesses in Europe and around the world.


We work in many different countries and are constantly growing. What defines us? A strong sense of belonging, the hunger to create something great and the desire to satisfy our clients. We always play to win, in a great professional climate built on passion, dedication and know-how.

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Corporate Consultancy

This sector helps support clients in various company operational areas. Based on instructions from our clients, this consists primarily in carrying out exploratory and/or feasibility studies for entering new markets and assistance in entering various types of commercial, financial and IT contracts, the establishment of Newco and their possible dissolution, the finalisation of all kinds of corporate transactions, support in public and private financing operations, drafting of corporate policies, consultancy on privacy matters to group companies, assistance and coordination in both in-court and out-of-court litigation and coordination of procedures and processes for which the office can be identified and appointed “process owner”.

Commercial and product management control

This sector deals with management control in favour of its clients, going well beyond that scope as widely intended. As well as activities linked to management control in the strictest sense, in the commercial, real estate and product fields (budgets, forecasts, financial statements, long-term plans), the office coordinates and assists operations linked to consolidating accounts for civil law, financial and management purposes, drafts analyses and carries out studies related to operational, commercial and industrial costs to support client companies’ various departments, assists clients in any litigation in a number of management areas, assists in drafting annual balance sheets in compliance with local civil law regulations, assists clients in the application of group management policies and provides assistance and consultancy designed to monitor and optimise administrative-accounting management costs.

Trademark and intellectual property consultancy

This sector offers assistance to client companies in the field of intellectual property. In other words, it offers assistance in the management and protection of trademark and design portfolios, global monitoring services to protect portfolio trademarks, services to mitigate the risk of counterfeiting, assistance and coordination in litigation relating to intellectual property, support and management of specific contract law, coordination of processes connected to licensing, including the search for potential partners for client companies, management of domain names and training activities in the aforementioned fields.

Special projects

This department plans, develops and supports client companies in the analysis of quality and quantity indicators relating to the climate within the company, such as the quality of relationships, the workplace environment, leadership and corporate culture (to support the so-called “Intangible Balance Sheet”). Over the years, the department has gained invaluable experience and developed skills and know-how in the coordination of projects designed to improve the organisation and efficiency of company and intercompany operational processes.

Administration and general services

This department deals with general and analytical accountancy, internal management control, statutory and fiscal financial statements, invoicing, payroll services and all other activities linked to a company’s internal operations.

Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)

This sector deals with developing personalised software on Microsoft, Linux and IBMi platforms, digital transformation, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Analytics, IoT and CRM. It is an authorised dealer for certain software complementary and functional to its activity. For the same reasons, it sells certain types of hardware that are closely linked, usually, to the installation of its software. The department creates “custom” solutions in areas relating to supply chain management, CRM and projects linked to the world of retail and wholesale and sets up and manages communication networks and integrated information systems.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

This sector deals with the management of import orders from EU and non-EU countries, managing the formalisation of contracts, client databases and coordination in the start-up phases, the international supply chain from order creation to the quotation and search for carriers, to the allocation of loads, through to the delivery of the finished product to its destination, including the type of packaging and box tracing, assistance in import customs procedures, insurance checks and preliminary and final checks for shipping cost invoicing. All of this if obviously accompanied by the necessary management of the complex information systems. As its clients operate retail services in many EU and non-EU countries, Titantex also deals with monitoring the "marketability" of products ordered at their destination. Collaborating with businesses operating in many different countries and in a broad range of time zones, Titantex needs to guarantee excellent operational standards in terms of, amongst others, expertise and know-how, languages spoken, service cover and respect for local cultures.

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Repubblica di San Marino (RSM)
Share capital: 1,500,000 Euro fully paid

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