Titantex Srl is a company established recently after a series of corporate restructuring operations, but its origins date back to 1975. Over the years the company has directed its activities towards the international level, working mainly in the clothing and textiles sector, and today it provides assistance in specific and specialized operative areas for other companies in this sector, and in particular for those belonging to its parent group.

With its 53(*) highly specialized employees and collaborators, Titantex is therefore now able to offer extensive consulting services in various sectors of interest for its client companies, including:

  • contracts for buying and renting properties;
  • assistance for the establishment of new companies;
  • feasibility studies for the opening of new stores for international sales networks;
  • assistance with customs procedures;
  • assistance with intellectual property rights;
  • analyses, mapping and coordination of operative processes;
  • market surveys and studies;
  • management control systems;
  • ICT services (Information & Communication Technologies);
  • SCM services (Supply Chain Management).

At an international level, Titantex works in over 35 countries with a comprehensive network of cooperation agreements and consultants that allow its employees and collaborators to successfully assist businesses everywhere, in Europe and the rest of the world. A total of 19(*) persons currently work in the business services sector.

In the area of ICT services, Titantex has acquired over 20 years of experience in the development of customized software on Microsoft, Linux and IBMi platforms. Digital Trasformation,Big Data, Business Intelligence, Analytics, loT, CRM, and the sale of software and hardware are the keywords of the vast technical environment in which Titantex is able to operate in the ICT sector. We realize custom solutions finalized to the management of issues linked with supply chain management, CRM and the "retail" and "wholesale" world; we make the business of the companies increasingly customer oriented (customer-centeredness) with the use of the technologies. Titantex holds its maximum attention on every assignment thanks to 17(*) persons currently working in this division.

In the area of SCM services, Titantex follows international logistics and EU and international customs procedures in the clothing and textiles sector, Titantex assists client companies of its parent group in international procurement processes, and in particular from Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan and Turkey. In these activities, Titantex applies an innovative system of procurement chain supervision that ensures product delivery within guaranteed deadlines, as defined by client instructions, and this system is fundamental for handling brokering activities between clients and international suppliers in the best possible way.

To monitor the flow of the goods purchased in real time, Titantex uses modern "track and trace" software developed with its own technical resources. This software allows information to be shared with all players involved in the logistics process in real time. Firsthand contacts with suppliers make it possible for Titantex to transfer its experience and provide them with all necessary training, with daily visits to companies and direct communications that allow problems to be solved with extreme rapidity.

A total of 17(*) persons are currently involved in the provision of SCM services.


(*) last update: 2017-11-30


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